Competition Rules

  • Challenges to be played over one day. Suggested start time 12 Noon on the last Saturday or Sunday of the Month.
  • This event will run from April until October annually unless mutually agreed.
  • All players to play one match, best of 5, PAR scoring to 15 with a 2 point advantage.
  • Selections are to be taken from the grading list as at the date the challenging team is submitted.
  • Players MUST BE on the grading list of the Club they are representing.
  • The number of grades played shall be B to F plus J Grade.
  • There are no divisions in each grade i.e. B2, C2, D2 & E2 are deemed B, C, D & E grades respectively. Similarly, J1-4 are all deemed to be J Grade.
  • A lower grade can play up.
  • A maximum of 2 Men & 1 Woman can play in each Grade
  • A minimum of 3 Women must be entered in the women’s division.
  • Women players on the men’s grading list may play in the men’s grade ONLY if they are not playing in the women’s grade.
  • The Challenging Club will dictate which grades are played, but a Host Club cannot be forced to play in a grade if they do not have at least two active players in that grade on grading list at the time the challenge is submitted.
  • Clubs who register players for the challenge and then default them on the day, can be substituted but not with a higher graded player, otherwise loss of game.
  • The playing order to be decided by mutual agreement.
  • A win of a Match = 1 point, in the case of a draw the current holder retains the Shield.
  • The Challenging Club is to submit their Team to the Host Club by the Sunday night

Prior to the challenge, and in turn the Host Club is to submit their Team by the Thursday night prior to the challenge.

  • Challenges are not for grading points unless agreed by both Clubs prior.
  • Morning/afternoon tea is to be provided by the Host Club.
  • A successful challenge entitles that Club to get the result engraved on a panel.  3 successful consecutive defences entitle that Club to a ‘mini shield’ on the main Shield.
  • The winner of the shield is to immediately contact the next Club waiting to challenge of the next challenge date.
  • All disputes are to be referred to Squash Wellington SDM.
The 'MA-HRIBAR' Shield
This Shield was kindly
donated by
Mahina Hribar
Life Member of 
The Tawa Squash Club
Mahina (MA)

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