2020 Draws and teams

E Grade @ Wainuiomata

Womens E – Womens E grade Draw

Mens E – Mens E grade Draw and teams

D Grade @ Mana

Womens D – Womens D grade draw and teams

Mens D – Mens D grade draw and teams

C Grade @ Upper Hutt

Womens C – Womens C grade draw and teams

Mens C – Mens C grade draw and teams

B Grade @ Thorndon

Womens B – Womens B grade draw and teams

Mens B – Mens B grade draw and teams

How does SuperChamps work?

SuperChamps finds the best club team of five, within each grade, in the country.

Districts run events in their area to determine the top district team in each grade. Winning teams go on to the National Superchamps events in September.

How do I join?

Talk to your club – clubs organise teams in each grade – B, C, D, E, and F grade.

Your name must be listed under the club you wish to represent. If your club isn’t entering a team, but you’d like to join another, register your details here, or talk to your fellow interclub teams, maybe they need an extra player?

How many players in a team?

At the District and National SuperChamps events, you can register seven players in a team, but only five players play each tie.